What Goes Well with Strawberry Peach Pie?

Rustic strawberry peach pie beautifully presented alongside traditional side dishes.
Irresistible Slice of Strawberry Peach Pie with Traditional Sides, a delightful indulgence.

Strawberry peach pie is a delightful dessert that combines the sweet and tart flavors of strawberries and peaches in a buttery, flaky crust.

This pie is perfect for summer when both fruits are in season, but you can also make it year-round using frozen fruits.

Here’s a guide on what goes well with strawberry peach pie I posted on Pinterest.

Best Crust for Strawberry Peach Pie

The crust is an essential part of any pie. For a strawberry peach pie, a classic buttery, flaky pie crust works best.

The rich, buttery flavor of the crust complements the sweet and tart flavors of the strawberries and peaches.

You can also add a bit of sugar to your crust for an extra touch of sweetness.

Variations of Strawberry Peach Pie

While a classic strawberry peach pie is delicious on its own, you can also try different variations to mix things up:

  1. Crumble Topping: Add a crumble topping made of flour, sugar, and butter for an extra layer of texture and sweetness.
  2. Lattice Crust: Make a lattice crust for a beautiful, rustic look. This also allows some of the steam to escape while the pie is baking, preventing it from becoming soggy.
  3. Almond Extract: Add a bit of almond extract to the filling for a hint of nutty flavor.
  4. Spices: Add spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to the filling for a bit of warmth and complexity.

Accompaniments for Strawberry Peach Pie

Strawberry peach pie is delicious on its own, but it can be even better with the right accompaniments:

  1. Vanilla Ice Cream: A scoop of vanilla ice cream is a classic accompaniment for any fruit pie. The creamy, sweet flavor of the ice cream complements the tartness of the fruit.
  2. Whipped Cream: A dollop of whipped cream adds a light, creamy touch.
  3. Custard: Pour some warm custard over your pie for a rich, indulgent treat.
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Drinks to Pair with Strawberry Peach Pie

The right drink can enhance the flavors of your pie. Here are a few options:

  1. Coffee: The bitterness of coffee balances the sweetness of the pie, making it a perfect pairing.
  2. Tea: A light, floral tea like chamomile or Earl Grey can complement the flavors of the strawberry and peach.
  3. Dessert Wine: A sweet dessert wine like Moscato or a late harvest Riesling can bring out the fruit flavors in the pie.

If you found this pairing guide useful, check out my Strawberry Peach Pie recipe and instructions, or leave a comment on your personal favorite pairings.

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