Our Experts

I’m Eric, a California based food blogger helping people make amazing food from home. I’m an expert on anything BBQ or Smoked, but I also like to craft epic drinks to pair.
My addictions include cakes, fresh fruit, and lovely sweet drinks to help me cool off in the scorching Texan heat.
I’m Jay, a health expert obsessed with superfoods, I’m here to show you how to make the healthiest, tastiest meals in under 30 minutes.
An LA based fashion designer and blogger, I put you in the right clothes, and the right foods!
Hi, I’m Jesus Carillo from Bogotá, Colombia. I build monster sandwiches from your wildest dreams, follow along and let me blow your culinary mind.
Hi, I’m Hailey from Napa Valley, and I am a sommelier. I help run our family owned vineyard and regularly host Wine Tasting events all over the world.
Hey, Emilio from Napoli here! I love French & Italian cuisine, and regularly travel and taste some of the finest foods in Europe.
I’m Raj from New York. I grew up in India and moved to the United States to pursue my career in the culinary arts, and brought everything I know with me!
I’m Adham, from Dubai, and I’m currently traveling to see what foods the world has to offer.
I’m Cooper, and I’ve been bartending in Houston, Texas for almost a decade now. I am a professional mixologist, and love to cook bar foods at home too.