Beer Volume Converter

Convert a beer volume measurement using the conversion calculator below.

Whether you’re a brewer, bartender, or just a beer enthusiast, understanding the different units of beer volume can be essential. This converter allows you to easily switch between common beer volume measurements.

Beer Volume Converter


Units of Beer Volume Measurement

Units of beer volume include:

  • Beer Barrels
  • Beers
  • Bombers
  • Cases
  • Forties
  • Gallons
  • Growlers
  • Half Barrel Kegs
  • Quarter Barrel Kegs
  • Liters
  • Fluid Ounces
  • Pints
  • Quarts
  • Six Packs

Beer Volume Unit Conversion Table

Convert FromBeer BarrelBeerBomberCaseFortyGallonGrowlerHalf Barrel KegQuarter Barrel KegLiterFluid OuncePintQuartSix Pack
1 beer barrel1 bbl330.67180.3613.7899.231 gal6224117.35 l3,968 fl oz248 pt124 qt55.11
1 beer0.003 bbl10.5450.0420.30.094 gal0.1880.0060.0120.355 l12 fl oz0.75 pt0.375 qt0.167
1 bomber0.0055 bbl1.83310.0760.550.172 gal0.3440.0110.0220.651 l22 fl oz1.375 pt0.688 qt0.306
1 case0.0725 bbl2413.0911.442.88 gal5.760.1440.28810.89 l288 fl oz18 pt9 qt4
1 forty0.0101 bbl3.331.820.06912 gal40.10.27.57 l200 fl oz12.5 pt6.25 qt2.78
1 gallon0.0323 bbl12869.824.290.51 gal20.0320.0643.785 l128 fl oz8 pt4 qt10.67
1 growler0.0161 bbl6434.912.140.250.5 gal10.0160.0321.892 l64 fl oz4 pt2 qt5.33
1 half barrel keg0.5 bbl19841081.6766.6719.8415.5 gal311258.67 l1984 fl oz124 pt62 qt330.67
1 quarter barrel keg0.25 bbl992540.8333.339.927.75 gal15.50.5129.34 l992 fl oz62 pt31 qt165.33
1 liter0.0085 bbl33.8118.441.130.3390.264 gal0.5280.0170.0341 l33.81 fl oz2.113 pt1.057 qt5.64
1 fluid ounce0.00025 bbl10.5450.0330.010.0078 gal0.01560.00050.0010.0296 l1 fl oz0.0625 pt0.0313 qt0.167
1 pint0.004 bbl168.730.530.160.125 gal0.250.0080.0160.473 l16 fl oz1 pt0.5 qt2.67
1 quart0.008 bbl3217.461.070.320.25 gal0.50.0160.0320.946 l32 fl oz2 pt1 qt5.33
1 six pack0.0015 bbl63. gal0.0940.0030.0060.177 l72 fl oz4.5 pt2.25 qt1